Official COVID-19 Statement

The state of New York is in Phase 4 of the reopening process. The Massapequa Tutor will be allowing virtual and socially distant in-person tutoring with limitations and preventative measures for the safety of the tutors, students, and their families. Below are the procedures that TMT will implement, using recommendations by the CDC, NYS DOH, and other health professionals:

  • In person tutoring may resume following the start of phase 4 of the reopening process.
  • All in-person tutoring must occur in an outdoor setting with the tutor and student at least six feet apart.
  • Both the tutor and the student are required to wear a face covering or face mask at all times. If family members are present, they will also be required to wear a face covering or face mask in the presence of the tutor.
  • If a tutor, student, or family member of either party is feeling ill or has a recent possible exposure to coronavirus, in-person sessions will not be permitted.

Feel free to contact our management team at with any questions.